Momentum plc

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Momentum plc

Post by Hulkman »

Hi, setting up suppanel to HMI an old Momentum TSX plc.
I have setup the suppanel app.
I build a little program to run my plc (pump on and off)
I setup the suppanel new control
and i setup Modbus connection.
The test button tels me connection is OK.

But how to go on now?
First i'd like to build an indicator on my screen that tells me whether pump is on or off.

Where is the virtual connection to variable name on plc and the button i've build.
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Re: Momentum plc

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Thanks for your inquiry.

The next thing is that you find the mapping of the internal registers and bits of the PLC to Modbus addresses, in the manuals or the programming software of your PLC. Then you should use those addresses in the properties of the Suppanel panel controls.

This is different from one PLC to another and I do not know how it is done in your TSX PLC, you will have to find it on its documentation.

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