Connessione remota

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Connessione remota

Post by calo »

Good evening,
I would like to understand if it is possible to use Suppanel remotely,
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Re: Connessione remota

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Hi calo,

If you mean to access a PLC from the Internet that is not possible in most cases, due al least two problems:

- Home Internet providers do not provide a static IP address and in many cases neither public, therefore your PLC will not be reachable from the outside, even defining a NAT rule in your router. Only medium and large companies usually have static and public IP(s) on its internet connection

- And the most important problem is security. A PLC should never be exposed to the Internet without using a secure and encrypted protocol. Suppanel supports OPC UA that meets these requirements but the vast majority of PLCs do not support it. The Internet is continuously scanned by robots looking for security holes, it would not take long to find your PLC

Best regards.
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