Click PLC Modbus tcp

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Click PLC Modbus tcp

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Hi I have been playing around with this app for a while and feel I need some advice. I have set up suppanel to connect to my click plc. I can control 2 outputs just fine the 3rd and 4th output will cause glitches with all the buttons if I use them. Previously I had been told it had to do with my programming or that the modbus address writes to more than 1 bit at the same time. I assume I need to setup a send and receive line in my click plc program. I am wondering is my phone or tablet act as a slave to the master being the click plc?

I have watched the click plc videos on using suppanel but their example is using another piece of gear the solo temperature controller. Ultimately I just want to be able to turn on and off the 4 outputs independently and read some analog inputs. Some things I just don't understand such as which is slave and which is master I only have the one click plc so I assume it is the master but the only time I have gotten my suppanel to work is with the plc as slave. But if the plc is the slave where is the master? Can my PC or tablet be the master?

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Re: Click PLC Modbus tcp

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Modbus, as most industrial protocols, works in the mode "Request - Reply", the master sends requests and the slave replies.

In your case the Android device with Suppanel is the master and the connected PLC is the slave.

If the outputs you want to drive are individuals bits in a 16bit word, to change the value of a single bit without altering the other, you should use Datatype BOOL and the address format "register address.bit number". For example if you want to change 0-1 state of bit 3 in 400123 Holding register then you use 400123.3 as address.

The less significant bit in a 16bit word is .0 and the most significant is .15

Hope it will help.
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