Data type "float64" not supported

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Data type "float64" not supported

Post by Dietmar »

Nice to see that Suppanel is still in active developement. Just got an update to Version 11.19.96! :D
I use Suppanel to monitor my Alfen EV chargepoint via MODBUS. Works like a charm, but some of the registers use a data type unfortunately not supported by Suppanel ("float64").
Maybe you could consider adding this data type in a future version of your software?
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Re: Data type "float64" not supported

Post by Suppanel »

Thanks for your suggestion !

The latest update has not provided any new function, but it has been forced by Google so the app can continue to be installed on the latest versions of Android.

Maybe in the future new functions are added, but I think it will take more than a year.

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